Tal CrumpFounder Tal Crump started his career providing products and services to the construction industry nearly 25 years ago, serving contractors who were difficult to insure. Before long he built a company that served hundreds of successful California contractors.

It has become the cornerstone principle of Commpro to take the time & make effort to build long lasting relationships with our clients in order to best serve them for their ever changing needs and circumstances. We’re here to be more than an insurance broker, we’re here to be a partner with our clients. We take the time to get to know our contractors and tailor the products and services we offer to their specific needs and budgets. We re-evaluate those needs on a continual basis to ensure we are providing the best possible service and advice. From insurance and bonding, to showing our clients how to transition from private to public work, we offer services that go beyond what the typical insurance broker offers.

“I helped contractors who had difficulty getting the insurance and bonding they needed because nobody else wanted to take the time”.   -Tal Crump